Today our expert guest is Emerald GreenForest, the founder and lead visionary of Creative Age Consulting Group. She is an internationally known speaker, transformation artist, Be The Change Movement “To Watch” award winner and one of America’s premier experts. She is the executive producer of the Apple top 100 ranked Men On Purpose Podcast and the Apple top 75 ranked Wickedly Smart Women Podcast and is hired to consult with high-achieving leaders who are called to be the vanguards of the creative age.

Up until 2001, Emerald was in the real-estate business as the national chairperson of her trade association, until some personal trauma led to her taking up yoga and having a spiritual awakening. In 2016, there was a massive rupture in her family when her son, who had become addicted to heroin, locked her in the basement and threatened her. She made it out and her son was arrested, and she was then left to deal with the remnants of her life. Looking back on this, she sees this period as a rite of passage.

After her initial spiritual awakening, she left real-estate and opened an art gallery and healing arts center. She had been very analytical and left-brained until this moment, and she felt all these latent parts of herself emerge. She started working online to help other people awaken and organize their creative output in ways that allowed them to create an impact as well as wealth.

How do you pull out your creative potential? There are 3 primary steps:

  1. Start with listening. The first thing you have to do is get clear about what’s not working and walk away from that. So many of us are looking for a quick fix when that fix rarely gets to the root cause of the issue.
  2. Once you walk away from what’s not working, you need to evaluate what you really want. You need to allow yourself to be you and to contribute what you want.
  3. After you become clear on what you want, you need to align your compass to your most efficient course of action. Take steps on a daily or moment-to-moment basis to get yourself back on track.


Unlocking your creative potential is more important than ever now because we are currently at the dawn of the Creative Age. We have transitioned from the industrial age into the information age and beyond, but we still have so many preconceptions about what is of value based on those times. We need to value our own calling and creative power to create an entirely new landscape.

In this day and age, it has never been easier to have a message, but it has also never been more difficult to be heard. If your own purpose is so important, how can we cut through the noise as a creator? You have to be authentic to your own creation. The industrial age was about copying and pasting information, but the creative age is about being authentic and original. And you have to be exceptionally clear. You do not want to be seen by everyone. You only want to be seen by the people who are a perfect fit for what you are delivering.

If you are interested in creating a wealthy life that’s a work of art, you can visit to find out if you are ready for a wealthy life.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Clarity is divinity. If you’re feeling like you’re lost in the clouds of confusion, get yourself clear, and do it with help.”



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