Today our expert guest is Leo Hefner, an ethical business expert and co-founder of Mastermind Association. He has recently been featured in the national bestselling book Wealth Made Easy with Dr. Greg Reed. Though his background is in real estate, his talks center around inspiring people to create not only loads of business wealth but community and social impact as well. He can dive deep into mindset, self-dialogue, and the power of intention.

When Leo was younger he had the opportunity to go on a walkabout. His mom died when he was young, and he was living alone in a little fishing village trading work for rent and fishing for his own food.

From that experience, he developed a sense of self-confidence and shed the need for approval from others. As a result, he wasn’t a very good fit for the corporate world, as he tended to be too blunt and said everything on his mind. But his independence and work ethic primed him to be an entrepreneur.

More recently, Leo has tapped into a resource that has the potential to help others like him go further than anyone can go alone, and do it faster to boot: mastermind groups.

The idea of a mastermind is to tap into the “third mind,” which is tapping into the knowledge that’s locked in an individual’s mind but can be of great use to someone else. What’s common knowledge to one person may not be common knowledge to the person down the street. By sharing our experiences, we can help people move to the next level.

The Mastermind Association is all about teaching people how to create and run a mastermind in a set format that makes it a true mastermind. It’s possible for masterminds to become one-way seminars, but when you become a certified mastermind leader, you learn how to facilitate a more powerful group experience.

However, knowledge won’t change anything by itself, even if it’s exactly what you need to know to grow your business or improve your life —  you have to take action. If you don’t have a predisposition to take action on the knowledge you are picking up, it is going to waste.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Do something today that you’ve been afraid to do. Version one is better than version zero, because version zero you can’t fix. Version one you can. If you’ve been sitting on a project or trying to get a website done or trying to do something, just do it. Nothing is final, everything is fluid. You can always make changes on the fly.”



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