Today our expert guest is Laura Powers, an entertainer, celebrity psychic, actress, model, host, singer, writer, and speaker. She’s the host of the popular television show Behind the Scenes with Laura Powers and the top 100 podcast Healing Powers Podcast, the author of seven books, and has been featured on several national television channels and networks including Buzzfeed, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, The CW, Jetset, and more.

Growing up, Laura knew there was something different about her — she could see dead people. Other people didn’t see what she did, so she grew up trying to ignore what she was sensing and not tell anyone about it. As she grew older, her abilities only got stronger, to the point where she could no longer block it out.

In college, a family friend described a ghost that Laura had seen but never told anyone about. This confirmed to her that what she was seeing was real, and she then had to start deciding what she was going to do with this ability. She learned that, as she had been blocking out her abilities, she was also blocking out her intuition. She started taking classes to develop her psychic abilities and tapped into her creative work more, and eventually transitioned her business and lifestyle into being a psychic.

During this global pandemic we’re all facing, everyone is being expected to go within and sit with ourselves. Looking within ourselves and using mindfulness practices such as meditation to check in on what thoughts we are thinking is important to keep down stress levels.

When Laura recognized how deeply connected the mind, body, and spirit are, she wanted to learn more about that connection and share it with the world. In her podcast, Healing Powers Podcast, Laura talks about the ways different parts of our body, spirit, and mind all interplay and affect each other.

If you are facing challenges in one area of your life, don’t focus on just that one area. Your mental state affects your physical state, which affects your spiritual state. They are all connected, and in order to see truly effective and lasting change, you need to address them all. And that lasting change is possible if you just look beyond the individual problems you are trying to face and start aiming even higher.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“You are way more powerful than you think, and you can have more. For me, what happened during the recession was everything that was taken away from me — my marriage, my house, the way I made my living, my state of health at the time — I perceived to be a bad thing when I was going into it, but everything that was taken away was because there was something better for me. Sometimes I think we don’t even realize how great we can have it. We’re aiming here when we need to aim way up here. Miraculous transformations are possible for whatever you’re feeling, whether it’s health issues or economic challenges or maybe you want to be a singer or do whatever you want to do. Don’t feel like it’s too late.”



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