Today, our expert guest is Simone Milasas, an innovative business leader, author, and a leading Facilitator with Access Consciousness, a set of life-changing techniques and tools practiced all over the world. As the Worldwide Business Development coordinator for Access Consciousness, she has been instrumental in its growth from four countries to more than one-hundred and seventy-five. Her unique and consistently successful approach to business led to her founding the Joy Of Business, a program empowering entrepreneurs to embrace their own unique leadership and business skills.

Renowned for her refreshingly honest, vulnerable, and dynamic approach, Simone regularly features in the media, such as Fox News, Forbes, GQ, and Mind Body Green, and is the author of “Joy of Business” and best-sellers “Getting Out Of Debt Joyfully” and “Relationship. Are You Sure You Want One?” co-authored with Brendon Watt. She also hosts a weekly podcast, The Choice, Change, and Action Podcast.

Simone grew up knowing that business owners had an opportunity to change the world. Even without knowing what it was going to be, she knew she wanted to start a business from a young age. She’s always been driven by that gut feeling. She started Good Vibes For You based purely on the energy that she wanted to create in the world.

While attending the MindBodySpirit festival, Simone met Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness. She was angry about the recent, unexpected death of a friend and he gave her some advice she wasn’t expecting. He said, “You’d be much better off if you were open to receiving.” Within six months, she found herself in Houston doing a facilitator’s class for Access Consciousness.

One of Simone’s best-selling books is “Getting Out Of Debt Joyfully.” At one point in her life, Simone was a financial mess, spending far more than she was making, and landed $187,000 in debt. She had heard about all of the money management tools in Access Consciousness but was resistant to put them into action. Still, what she was doing wasn’t working, so she started using the tools — and within two weeks she noticed something was starting to change.

You can start applying the same tools she used, right now. One rule she hated at first but made a big impact was this: Put 10% of everything you earn away as a tithe just for you. It’s not to repay debt or buy things. It just needs to sit. When you look at it three months later, you will suddenly have a different energy and outlook on money, that you can have it and not spend it. It will completely change your life.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“If all of you listening took a breath and tapped into you, and your body, and the Earth…  cause we’re living here on planet Earth. I see so many people who are disconnected from it. What if it was time that we start walking with the Earth — not just on top of it? I know there have been a lot of stories and a lot of awareness after 2020; the whole planet started to change. What if we could start to ask every single day, ‘Earth, what can I contribute to you?’ and ‘Earth, what can you contribute to me?’ We’re not here to destroy it. We’re here to be with it.”

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