Today our expert guest is Ryan Levesque, the CEO of The ASK Method Company and author of the #1 national best-selling book, “ASK,” featured in Inc. Magazine as their #1 Marketing Book of the Year and by Entrepreneur Magazine as their #2 Must-Read Book. Over 250,000 entrepreneurs subscribe to his email newsletter to hear his advice.

Ryan was very successful in the corporate world, but he decided to leave it behind in order to help entrepreneurs make changes to their lives. In the midst of a quarter-life crisis, Ryan wrote a long letter addressed to his mother — but actually intended for himself — trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. In 2008, he walked away from everything because he wanted to take control of his life and income. With an initial goal of earning $10k a month, Ryan had his first 10 million dollar year, just 10 years later. Whether your goal is to make $10k a month, $10 million a year, or somewhere in between, Ryan can teach you the tools to apply to your life and business to make it happen.

More important than Ryan’s desires were what he didn’t want to do: he didn’t want to manage a team and he didn’t want to be constantly traveling for work. The goal was just a simple business that he could use to provide for his family, and he found that simple business in a tiny niche: teaching people how to make jewelry using Scrabble tiles. While, ultimately, that turned out to be a fad, he was able to use what he learned to examine the market and explore a new niche – this time, one that was tried and tested with no chance of fizzling out: gardening. With no aspirations of becoming a marketing guru, he was simply trying to build a business to provide for his family. 

Along the way, Ryan discovered that tailoring your approach to each individual customer showed much better business results. Getting to know your clientele and customizing your product and marketing specifically towards them creates a personal resonance and a happier, more profitable, business, as a result. This was the inspiration for Ryan to invent the technique he calls “quiz funnels.”

There are three reasons why quiz funnels work so well:

  • They tap into the power of self-discovery to offer incredibly cheap traffic
  • They customize copy to your customer, offering incredibly high conversion rates
  • They offer their results incredibly quickly. People love to share quizzes with their friends, so they’re primed to recommend you

As long as you find the right quiz for your business, you can start talking to customers in a way that feels personal and unique.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Remember: you don’t have to get it perfect; you just have to get it going, and the best time to get it going is right here, right now, today. And if you are a high performer, if you’re highly educated, if you’re a smart person – which I know you are; you’re listening to this right now – we tend to, people like us, tend to struggle with perfection paralysis. We think things have to be perfect before we release them. Well, with a quiz funnel, the name of the game is getting your first version out the door as quickly as possible, iterating, and improving. So, remember, you don’t have to get it perfect; you just have to get it going, and the best first step is to start brainstorming what type of quiz makes sense for your business: type, killer, or score.”

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