Today our expert guest is Kate Eckman, author of “The Full Spirit Workout,” a Columbia certified executive leadership coach, with experience as a well-known communications, performance, and mindfulness expert. An accomplished entrepreneur and an elite athlete, she leverages her wealth of knowledge to equip business leaders with the tools, methodology, and energy they need to excel. Her work is rooted in neuroscience, positive psychology, and whole-person coaching techniques.

Passionate about mindfulness techniques for both brain and body, Kate is a meditation teacher and course creator in the world’s #1 free meditation app. Her book has been endorsed by some of the top athletes and most successful people on the planet.

Kate was a competitive swimmer for 17 years. Athletics were her life. As she worked her very front-facing, public career as a TV host and journalist, she was struggling – like most people. She was well aware of what it took to train your physical muscles to compete at a high level, but what about your mental, emotional, and spiritual muscles? After the loss of two loved ones to suicide, Kate created The Full Spirit Workout while coping with her grief.

The Full Spirit Workout is a 10-step system designed to shed your self-doubt, strengthen your spiritual core, and create a fun, fulfilling life. Just like any physical workout, it starts with a stretch – but instead of muscles, you’re stretching your comfort zone. That’s when you have to expand, grow, and become the kind of person who can achieve their goals.

There are three exercises you can do to get started today:

  • Sit and stare: spend five minutes a day in a quiet room, alone, with no distractions. It may sound horrifying, but if it does then you need this practice more than anyone. It’s a chance to get in touch with yourself, reflect, and process.
  • Gratitude visit: think of someone who has helped you that you have never thanked. Write that person a 300-word letter explaining how they helped you and what they mean to you. If possible, call them up and tell them you want to visit without explaining why then read them this letter. This will improve your wellbeing for weeks, if not months, to come.
  • Reframing: instead of getting stuck thinking something is awful, use two words to get yourself out of that situation: “what if?” What if this didn’t suck? What if this was easy? What if this was fun? It makes things instantly feel so much better.

We all understand the importance of taking care of our bodies. It’s time we start taking care of our mind and spirit, the same way.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Remember how powerful you are and take that knowledge from your brain, from your head, move it down into your heart, to your body, let it breathe into your bones. Know that, in your bones, that you are powerful. Not because of what you have, what you do, but because of who you are and nobody can ever take that from you. And just know that you can do whatever you decide is important enough, so decide. Get clear on what’s important to you and know that you can have it if you are just willing to show up and do your best.”

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