Today our expert guest is Dr. Dain Heer. He’s a joy-seeking, reality-bending author, motivational speaker, and change-maker. He’s renowned globally for his views on life, consciousness, and creation. For more than two decades he’s traveled the world sharing his unique insights into relationships, money, bodywork, happiness, and consciousness. Dain is also the co-creator of Access Consciousness, a personal development modality practiced in over 170 countries.

Dr. Dain grew up in a difficult environment. Despite experiencing abuse, he was always the one looking for possibilities, but as an adult, having what everyone else thought was a perfect life, he was deeply depressed and unhappy – to the point of losing all hope. He discovered an ad for Access Consciousness, and while its promise was deeply triggering, he knew that if he hated it that much, there was probably something there for him. After one session, his life was completely changed, and he has been sharing this life-changing modality ever since.

As part of going through this journey, Dr. Dain realized that the missing piece for fulfillment when it came to success in most people’s lives was truly being themselves. He then started searching for a way to take individuals on a journey to discover and create a sense of themselves.

So what can you do to start making these changes in your life? The first thing is to get over having a fixed point of view. For every judgment, decision, or conclusion that we have, no reality outside of that can ever show up for us. We’re going to draw in the information that validates our conclusion, and that is only going to make it inevitable. Rather than coming to a set conclusion, ask yourself an open-ended question. What else is possible that you’ve never considered? What if this weren’t true? What’s right about this situation that I’m not seeing? When we ask questions, our brains start creatively working on those questions and give us a boost.

In Dain’s newest book, Body Whispering: A New Way of Seeing, Being & Healing, he shares the secrets behind the gift of our body that so many of us ignore. What if we could have our body become a part of our life? When you find more connection with your physical self, more peace in your skin, everything else in your life changes as well. One thing you can do is to start asking your body to reveal everything that concerns it. 

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Your difference is a gift. You are not wrong for the different, bizarre, weird, quirky points of view you have about the world. You are not alone. And that difference is a gift and if you embrace it will not only make your world awesome, but if you truly be you and embrace it, you become the gift, the change, and the possibility this world requires.”

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