Today, our expert guest is Robbie Samuels, a professional speaker, business growth strategy coach, virtual event design consultant, executive Zoom producer, podcast host, author, and much more. He’s recognized as a marketing expert by Harvard Business Review Ascend, Forbes, Lifehacker, and Inc., and as an “industry expert in the field of digital event design” by JDC Events. 

Robbie has always loved people and relationships – gathering, meeting, and connecting people. His path started years ago when he ran a successful Meetup group, and part of that success came from his talent in teaching members how to make real connections, both within the group and with others outside of it. At the start of the pandemic, when hand shakes and eye contact were no longer topics people needed to know about, Robbie reinvented himself by getting into the virtual event space and bringing his expertise in human connection to Zoom.

He grew that business from zero to six figures in eight months and has now published a book on how he did it – and how others can replicate his success.

For people feeling ready to make the leap from working for somebody else to working for themselves, Robbie’s hope is that his book can help make the transition less painful. He outlines the common mistakes people make when starting a business and how to avoid them. 

For instance, many people think they need a massive email list in order to start a successful business or to sell their products and offerings, but that’s not the case. If you co-create your offer with your audience, you will see much more success.

Rather than having a fully formed idea of what you want to offer set in stone, try starting with a lightly held idea that you are open to changing as you get feedback. Then, rather than digging in and pitching that idea, start asking questions to people in your market. Your job is to dig deep and find the problems they have but can’t see.

The process should look like this:

  • Find 20-25 people in your industry to act as a focus group
  • Set up a call with each person and interview them to find out what their needs are
  • Create a pilot program based on the problems they presented
  • Invite that base group into the pilot program and get their testimonials

It’s your job to educate people on what their real problem is, but you can’t reach a solution before you find out how it impacts them.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“80% of the people you need to know to be successful, you’ve already met. It’s time to wake up your network.”

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