Today, our expert guest is CJ Finley, founder of ThriveOnLife, the ever-evolving and expanding personal mindset blog, podcast, and lifestyle brand. We connect over a shared mission as he describes his unconventional path to intentional living, how he’s helped others get there through launching his business, and what he’s working on lately.

CJ exudes inspiration as he describes how he lept from a predictable, but toxic, life path to an engineering career into one where he still solves problems, just without needing to involve IT systems. At the root of this great motivation were confusing and painful health issues, physical and emotional. He knew he had to make big changes for himself, and did. His success in doing so opened his mind to the idea of helping others do the same, for the rest of his life.

As he tells it, the story of his brand starts in an unexpected place. Inspired by a tragic and sudden death, his business and marriage are a great example of turning darkness into light.

CJ is now focused on his podcast, also named ThriveOnLife, and its ability to amplify voices that share our mission to help others get more out of their lives. It was great to connect with a kindred soul in this world and hear about the passion in his work.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“If you’re driving to a job that you don’t like, or in a relationship that you don’t like, or working on a project that isn’t fulfilling to you – you don’t got time. Everyone says, “Oh, you have time to figure it out or time to do all these other things.” But the reality is, if you start acting like you don’t have time, you’re going to start being able to say no to that job that doesn’t fulfill you, to that person that’s toxic in your life, to those projects that seem to be taking away from you doing what you really love. The moment that you decide you don’t have time for any of that is the moment that you’re truly going to thrive on life.”

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