Today, our expert guest is Dr. Andrew Mac Intosh, the Vice President of Curriculum at RISE. He leads RISE’s mission to educate and empower the sports community with the understanding and knowledge to effectively promote social justice across fan bases and communities alike.

He has spent time working in Detroit, assisting with the development of evaluation systems for youth sports programs, and aiding in the design and facilitation of training programs for coaches and mentors. He is passionate about understanding and enhancing the role that coaches can play as mentors for the youth with whom they engage.

RISE is a national nonprofit organization that empowers athletes, sports fans, coaches, and staff at all levels of sports to tackle racism. It’s bold vision is a world without racism or discrimination, and the arena of sports is their first vehicle to address that. To do so, they have an experiential curriculum to guide and facilitate conversations with people of all ages.

We are living in a time of deep division, politically and socially. That means that bringing people together from different backgrounds to have difficult conversations is more challenging – and more important – than ever before. RISE helps to facilitate these conversations and create more empathy across divisions, building a stronger community every step of the way. 

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“For me, it’s about respect. It’s about inclusion, and recognizing that we all can make a difference in this conversation – for us to think about the perspectives that we come from, and to truly open our hearts and minds to the perspective that others hold. If we all approach life in that way, we’d be a much stronger society.”

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