Chris Tuff is the partner of the advertising firm 22squared where he has helped them grow into a 400-plus employee digital powerhouse, over 90% millennials and Gen Z. He’s also the author of the best-selling book The Millennial Whisperer where he shares lessons on empathy and genuine connection. In his newest book, Save Your Asks, he talks about becoming a better networker and salesperson using the same principles set up in The Millennial Whisperer. One of his favorite tips for making an ask that’s impossible to ignore is called “masking your ask in your dream.” If you share your dream with someone, whatever it is, they are almost guaranteed to do anything within their power to help you achieve it.

Building a new relationship is easy, but sustaining one is hard. And making too many asks is one easy way to drive a relationship into the ground. So save your asks, and start building up genuine connections with people.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Start saving your asks. Curiosity is the difference between connecting and networking. If you take a genuine curiosity to the person sitting next to you and stop selling to them and start asking them some of these important questions of what drives them as humans, you’re going to find not only more successful in your job. It’s going to make your connections a lot more fulfilling. And so I encourage everyone to start saving their asks and take action towards more genuine connection.”

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