We are coming to you live from the GoBundance event with Jon Huber, a traveling businessman with an impressive resume and a real estate portfolio of 126 units from Florida to California. He has become an expert on the considerations of working remotely. With how relevant that is in our world today, he’s sharing with us what he’s learned about how to manage your work away from the office.

Jon became passionate about remote work when his children were born. He didn’t want to be that working father who saw his kids for two hours a day before bed. Work and life are never fully in balance, but Jon is constantly striving to adjust to what feels best in the moment with his family as his guiding compass.

Some of the tools for working successfully at home:

  • Block time for however long you can focus
  • Become beholden to your calendar
  • Put a team in place so that you aren’t the bottleneck in your business

When you know what you want to accomplish – in your business and in your life – it makes it so much easier to begin working backward from that goal. From there, you can set up systems and procedures to allow you to make the money you need while having the time, freedom, and flexibility to live the life you want.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Live your life by design. Find out the life that you want and then work yourself backwards. What do I need to do to become that person? If I want to be that person that does whatever I wanted to do, what job do I need to have? What skills do I need to have? What team do I need around me? What systems do I need in place? And then work on that.”



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