Vincent Pugliese is the author of The Wealth of Connections and Freelance to Freedom, as well as the owner of the Total Life Freedom mastermind community, which helps entrepreneurs and small business owners build a life of time, money, and location freedom. He’s also the host of the Total Life Freedom podcast and, most importantly, a husband and father of three sons.

In episode 86 of the podcast, Vince joined us to share his journey as a photojournalist and his roadmap to freedom that he is living today.

As the host of his podcast, Vince talks to entrepreneurs struggling with building a business and creating a life of freedom. He kept noticing people approaching things from the wrong direction. They start a podcast, write a book, create a product, and launch it out into the world—and nothing happens. They give up, thinking entrepreneurship is too hard. But they’re just doing things backwards.

Vince looked at what made people successful, and he traced it to these five points:

  • Curiosity
  • Character
  • Connection
  • Collaboration
  • Create

For each of these, there are specific strategies to improve upon them in your life. To improve your connection, you need to shift from focusing on what you want to get and start reaching out to people and finding out what they want and helping them get it. When you do that, and you start improving your character, everything else will just become so much easier.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

I really think it is setting those generous goals and those selfish goals. I think if you can start with that as the foundation, if you’re struggling, it really gets you out of your own head of what you need, it gets you out of desperation mode. Because generally when you’re struggling, you’re desperate, you’ll do things probably not the way you want to do it if you weren’t desperate. But if you really think, how do I flip the switch, stop worrying about what I need, and go in this direction in terms of being helpful, because helpful people want to help helpful people. They don’t want to help selfish people. So I know it feels like I need this stuff, go the opposite direction. Do with less for a little while, be that person that other people want to be around, and I’m telling you, if you go from there and you start with character and you go on down the road, it’s going to work out for you.”



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