Jasan Julius has built some incredible brands, including Coffee Junkiez and Pizza Junkiez, and won multiple “business of the year” awards. He also has a marketing company that has allowed him to take his businesses nationally. Jasan is also generous, wanting to connect with people and share what he’s learned to help other small business owners grow.

He started his career as a hands-on blue collar worker. He worked for Chrysler for many years, where he eventually decided he wanted to work with his mind as well and became a union representative. But after achieving his dream job—just thirty days later—his son was diagnosed with cancer. It was the hardest time of his life, and after three long years, his son, unfortunately, lost that battle.

Stricken with grief and looking for something to occupy his mind, Jasan threw himself fully into entrepreneurship, where he saw his business as part of his son’s legacy. That strong link pulled him through the hardest parts of entrepreneurship more than the money ever could have. When it comes to growing your business, you have to make sure you embed strong motivations far beyond the money you might make, because that won’t be enough.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Pay more attention to the moment. We all do monotonous things in life, so you gloss over them and you just do it and you get it done. I look back on my life and every different stage of my life was applicable to where I am today, and I wish that I had paid more attention in the moment. Even doing the things you didn’t want to do or you didn’t find overly fulfilling or enjoyable, there’s lessons to be learned. And the only way you learn those lessons is if you are highly conscious of how and what you are doing in the moment in general.”



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