Shira Miller is a two-time TEDx speaker who shares her expertise in the field of well-being on Medium, LinkedIn, Thrive Global, and more, and she is passionate about helping people get unstuck and activate their greatest potential. She discusses the importance of well-being at work and in the home, prioritizing self-care, and creating wellness-based cultures. Her story and opinions have been recognized in Shape, Health, First for Women, Quick & Simple, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Emory Magazine, and the bestselling business books The Power of Nice and Trust Your Gut: How the Power of Intuition Can Grow Your Business.

Shira is no stranger to the experience of getting stuck in life. It started over 30 years ago when she had a healthy weight loss that first put her on the path of a healthier lifestyle, and over the years she had even more: A divorce which led to a new, happier marriage; A business failure during the recession; And getting Crohn’s disease after the stress of that situation. After each of those moments, she came back better and stronger than before. In fact, her life of purpose was only crafted through the process of getting stuck and finding out a way to get unstuck.

Shira defines being stuck as when your life circumstances don’t match the life you want to lead. She has a seven-step process for getting unstuck, and one step, in particular, is shifting from pessimism to optimism. Some ways you can do this are by cognitive reframing or looking for the upside in a situation or leaning into gratitude. Our minds often find what they are looking for, and if we are focusing on the negative we are only going to find more of it.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

I want people to realize that no matter how you’re stuck, whatever your age is, you can always get unstuck. You can overcome obstacles. It’s about following a process, having patience, love for yourself, practicing self-care, and then you can make all the changes that you need in your life.”



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