Mark Herschberg is the author of The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You. Educated at MIT, Mark spent his career launching and fixing new ventures at startups, Fortune 500 companies, and academic institutions. He’s developed new software languages, online marketplaces, new authentication systems, and tracked criminals and terrorists on the dark web—and that only scratches the surface of the many accomplishments he’s had over his career.

Mark always grew up with a fascination for STEM and technology, but when he started his career he realized he also loved the people side of business as well as the technical side. He came to find that there are several skills beyond the ones specific to your job that you need to master in order to have a successful career. Some of those skills include:

  • Leadership
  • Networking
  • Negotiating
  • Communication
  • Ethics
  • Clear direction
  • Working effectively

Whether you are working at a company at the top or bottom of the ladder, or whether you’re an entrepreneur running your own business, these skills will help you on your way. If you want to work on these things, you can create a career toolkit development guide to build peer learning groups and help develop these skills.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“It can seem intimidating to say ‘how am I gonna become a great leader, a great networker, a great negotiator.’ But as we saw with that negotiating example, it’s not about being the best in the world, it’s just about getting a little bit better. And if you can get that few percent better in each of these skills, you’re going to have a fantastic, successful career. So don’t be intimidated, start today, and just focus on getting a little bit better.”

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