Ken Kladouris is an esteemed and well-known wealth advisor and a leader internationally known in the self-mastery movement. He recently developed a system—Stillness to Success—to help people who are truly ready to make changes in their lives cut the noise, find their stillness, and create the success they want.

He reached a point in his life where he achieved everything he thought he’d wanted in life but was feeling completely unfulfilled. Then suddenly while on vacation, Ken had a moment of pureness where all of his beliefs of what he could achieve washed away, and he realized that he could accomplish so much more. It was the stillness that woke him up. Once he returned from vacation to the real world, he sought out how to return to that place of stillness on demand.

To start tuning out the noise, you can change your relationship with the way that you hear and interpret them. Most of what you believe you have to do is because of a conversation that’s occurring in your head—and meditation allows you to eavesdrop on that conversation.

If you’re struggling to get into meditation, start first with just practicing focused and present attention. Whether you’re going for a walk or doing dishes, the act of bringing your attention to the present moment will allow you to start building up mental fortitude and push out unwanted noise.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“I believe, no matter your circumstance or what you’re going through, if you find your stillness you can change your life for the better. And I truly think that, at the end of the day, that’s what it is. Just find your stillness and everything else will work out.”



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