Virginia Salas Kastilio is a New Earth ecosystems builder, blockchain advisor, and serial entrepreneur who was named one of Inc. Magazine’s “Top 27 Women to Change the World.” She’s also an internationally-acclaimed speaker, marketer, activist, the founder of Humans I Trust and the co-founder of The Human Trust Foundation. She’s a crypto and NFT innovator who believes in using the blockchain for good.

Virginia was massively successful while working for Apple and later Oracle, which is where she had her entrepreneurial awakening. Before launching another product into the world, though, she spent a year traveling the world and researching happiness to find out what we really needed. Through her research, she learned:

  • The key to happiness is gratitude.
  • Our thoughts and our mindset create our life.
  • We are deeply disconnected and it is robbing us of happiness.

Knowing how important trust is to our overall happiness, Virginia is building what she calls “the trust ecosystem.” It is a global ecosystem of nonprofit organizations and businesses that are coming together to build a better Earth and have regeneration built into their business models.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Really allow yourself to tune into your alignment. No matter where you currently are at your level of success, if you’ve had billion-dollar exits, if you’re just starting out, if you just bought a new website that you’re excited about, just really allowing yourself to orientate to what is my biggest “yes” and what is the life that I want to live, what does my every day want to be and is this really in alignment with my highest calling and what I truly desire and love, or does this feel like it’s going to be profitable or other people said that this is a good business model? So at any time we can reset and realign and just trust yourself in that alignment that, when you do focus on what you really and truly care about, it’s just going to fall into place so effortlessly.”



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