Today’s expert guest is Natalie Ledwell, a bestselling author, host of the podcast Not Over, Just Different, co-host of the cable TV show Wake Up, and the founder of Mind Movies, a revolutionary online visualization tool reaching over 10 million people and helping them achieve their goals.

The law of attraction can be incredibly divisive, but authorities have been talking about concepts like it since the 1930s. And today, there’s more research than ever into the power that visualization has — whether you believe in vibrations or not.

Mind Movies is a software that makes it easy to find clarity on what you want and turn that into a moving vision board, complete with music, to put you in the prime emotional state to manifest that vision into reality. But vision boards are not magical — it is a prompt for daily action.

You want to describe:

  • What it is you want
  • What life looks like once you get it
  • Why you want it
  • What actions you need to add to your daily routine
  • How you need to change your thoughts to reach this new outcome

When you take all of this into account, and take steps towards achieving your vision, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“I have created and manifested some amazing stuff in my life that far exceeded anything that I thought was possible for a small-town girl from Australia. And the formula is pretty easy. If we know what we want and we’re taking action, we can see ourselves and feel ourselves already being there, you have no idea what you can create. And actually, you can create anything that you want, and I’m living proof of that. And that’s what I want for everybody else as well.”


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