Kate Erickson is the implenter over at Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast where John Lee Dumas interviews inspiring entrepreneurs every Monday and drops value-bombs every Thursday.

She’s also the host of the Podcast Kate’s Take, and the coauthor of The Podcast Journal: Idea to Launch In 50 Days.

Kate is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create freedom in their business and life through developing systems and processes that can help businesses scale and grow.

This is a very special episode, and I can’t wait for you to join us.


“I know that other entrepreneurs don’t want to be stuck in the weeds like I am, so i find that writing this stuff out and sharing it is super helpful for them.”


Kate’s top tips for new entrepreneurs:


  • 1) Take inventory.
    Understand what it is you’re spending your time on – in clear, specific terms. Decide which elements of your business could benefit from a system or process.
  • 2) Focus on one thing.
    Write out the steps that you take every time you do that things. This will yield a usable checklist in the future – and open your eyes to ways you can simplify your work.
  • 3) Automate, delegate, or batch.
    Utilize software, delegate steps to other team members, or complete a big chunk of work in one batch (as opposed to over a period of many days).



The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Trust your gut. There are so many doubts and so many questions and so many fears that all of us have – as human beings, as individuals trying to start, run, grow a business. For me, whenever I’m at one of those points, I take a step back and remember: one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received is to trust your gut.”


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