Now that it’s officially the holidays, I want to share a special story with you.

Nikki Moore’s story is one of courage, but hopefully one that you find inspirational as well.

Nikki and her husband Matt were cruising along in successful, happy lives – until tragedy struck. They chose to turn their terrible situation into a beautiful message that will continue to positively affect thousands of lives well into the future.


“This is a beautiful life. Live it to the fullest.”


The Live Moore Challenge:

Do something nice for someone else,

– or –

Catch someone else doing something kind, and honor that.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Today is your biggest gift. If you were to die tomorrow, really assess: what did your life look like for you? Were you able to live in the present and be connected to those you love? Were you able to engage in acts of kindness? Were you able to receive those acts of kindness from other people? In what ways were you able to live more?”  


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