I love today’s guest, and I know you will as well.

Byron Van Pelt is a business strategist, coach, and consultant who focuses on helping entrepreneurs grow lucrative businesses, from a place of transparency and authenticity.

At the age of 23, he found himself thrust into a business culture where sales strategies and tactics were manipulative, and focused on convincing customers to hand over their hard-earned money. While he was successful at it, Byron slowly found himself spiritually bankrupt.

With the support of mentors and colleagues, he shifted direction, committed to serving from truth, owning his value to others, and with no online presence he experienced a major breakthrough in enrolling high-paying clients, which led to a $25,000 per month revenue stream. Since then, everything began to change.


In today’s episode, Byron shares some absolute gems regarding connection, authenticity, and knowing your value.


“If there’s anything that we didn’t get as children, what if we took that frustration and transformed it into a gift, and it became the bedrock of our message?”

Byron’s Breakout Ideas:

  • Be in command of your value
  • Develop a strong message that speaks to your goal market
  • Find a means of marketing yourself that’s in alignment with your gifts
  • Scale your business

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“The most important thing to me is the capacity to connect.

I think an inauthentic connection with ourselves stems from trying to prove, validate, or show that we’re capable, loved, or special. A real connection with ourselves starts with being radically authentic and radically honest, and asking, “what really drives me? What actually lights my soul on fire? What actually fires me up? What am I scared of in this moment of my life?” People can connect to us much more readily when we’re more raw and vulnerable.

The other half of that is learning to connect with others. Learn to speak from an authentic place. Whether or not this person will help me out, or boost my status or my popularity, what is the truth that I need to deliver to this person? What is the message that they need to hear?

Learning how to better connect with ourselves and how to better connect with others are the biggest ways we can help each other out in our lives.”


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