Today our expert guest, Corey Blake, shares two unique but powerful tools for both personal and business development: storytelling and vulnerability. Corey is the Publisher of Conscious Capitalism Press and the founder & CEO of Round Table Companies, where he has spent over a decade helping business leaders use storytelling to transform themselves and their organizations.


Corey spent a past life as an actor, acting in everything from commercials to movies to TV. But after he became disillusioned with acting, he started to shift to more behind-the-scenes roles and getting into the storytelling aspect of entertainment.


However, he felt the need to do something a little more predictable or “normal,” so he started pursuing writing jobs. And when people started approaching him looking for help writing their books, “suddenly, this thing that was very practical became creative.” One of the first books he worked on was Robert Renteria’s From the Barrio to the Board Room, and seeing the way that book inspired people to change their lives solidified Corey’s new focus: using stories to connect people and help them reshape their own identity.


Today, Corey primarily helps businesses tell their stories. “Everyone who starts or leads a business is an artist, and they’re using that business as a canvas, essentially painting a version of the world that they want to see,” Corey says. “That’s a story worth telling. That’s a story worth sharing.”


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway


“Leadership is a lifetime lifestyle commitment… We get the companies we deserve; businesses that we build are a reflection of who we are. If we want to have more impact in the world, we have to start with ourselves. So committing to doing our own personal work on this journey expands our capabilities, as business people, immensely, and it is a lifestyle commitment.”



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