Today our expert guest is Phoebe Mroczek, a podcaster, coach and marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs create a profitable business that is an honest reflection of who they are and what they want the most. She is the host of the Unbecoming Podcast, a show that helps entrepreneurs release judgements, beliefs and past conditioning that holds them back from living a more meaningful life.


Over the past few years, she’s built an online marketing business that has helped established entrepreneurs refine their paid ad and launch strategies, created a podcast she co-hosted with over 900,000 downloads, and organized various in-person events, masterminds and online communities.


Phoebe grew up as one of six kids, using athletics to get attention and stand out from her other siblings. She ended up going to college, playing division one college soccer, and was hitting all her childhood dreams. She thought life was great.


Then, in her freshman year of college, her father passed away very suddenly. In that moment, Phoebe had the realization that she wasn’t living the life she really wanted to believe. Later on in her late 20s, she realized she had built a business, again, based around what everyone else told her she should be doing. 


Her “why” today is to connect people, to get them to live the life that they want, that they design for themselves.


If somebody has spent the bulk of their career, or even their own business, based on the expectations of others around them, where do you start the process of finding out who you are?


  • Keep in mind it’s not an overnight flip; it’s a daily practice. 
  • Give yourself permission to go as deep as you need to go. 
  • Commit to growth and to own who you are. 
  • Audit your life, figure out where you are supposed to be. 
  • Reverse-engineer your habits to get you to the place you want to be, focus on the habits, not the outcome.


Unbecoming is the process of releasing expectations and judgement, getting rid of the things you aren’t to discover who you are. There are seasons of purpose in life, and instead of putting so much pressure about having to do this one thing, we can enjoy our life, live a meaningful life, and impact more people.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway


“Give yourself permission to go deeper on finding out who you are, because everything comes back to who you are. When you know who you are and you know why you want the things that you want, give yourself permission to go for it. We can’t be playing small. Give yourself permission to play big, permission to dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamt, and permission to ask for help.”



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