Today our expert guest is Andy Storch, a talent development consultant, coach, connector, speaker, and host of two world-renowned podcasts: The Talent Development Hot Seat and The Andy Storch Show.

Andy has been committed to getting people inspired to live their best life, but he didn’t always know that growing up. He grew up not really knowing where he was going through high school, he just knew that he wanted to get into college and get a good job, and he’s been figuring it out as he went.

He first got into personal development around 3 years ago, when he heard Hal Elrod on a podcast, and that launched him into a journey of personal development and investing into his own development and learning.

Personal development is investing in yourself and learning how to get better, but most big companies have departments responsible for talent development, helping employees to get better at their job through technical or soft skills.

We’re starting to see some major shifts in the way people think about work. People want to connect more with a purpose in their job and they want to know where they are going with their careers.

We are seeing a big push in the “gig economy,” where people are contracted to do work for other companies. This doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is going to end up being an Uber driver, but there will be a focus on more project-based work instead of hiring for one specific role.

As the future of work changes, everyone is going to have to start paying more attention to their personal brand. That phrase can turn people off sometimes, but it’s really just another way of saying you need to control your reputation.

Here are some ways you can shape your personal brand:

  • People have thoughts about you, whether you are trying to control it or not. Be intentional about the things you are known for and showcasing your strengths.
  • Connect with the people who are doing the things that you want to be doing.
  • Leveraging social media to share and build your brand, even just sharing articles that are relevant and add value to others.

Andy’s two podcasts are both motivated by helping people in talent and personal development. Fear holds so many people back, and The Andy Storch Show is all about helping people get over that fear and follow their dreams. And The Talent Development Hot Seat podcast is for anyone interested in corporate talent development, developing people, and becoming a better manager.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Take full responsibility for everything going on in your life. If there are some things you want to get better at, things where you could or should be spending more time, think about what your priorities are, try to align those with the way you are living your schedule, and take full responsibility for everything going on in your life.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Don’t be a victim to what society is doing or telling you. Take full responsibility. Live life intentionally. Set big goals, connect with your purpose, and go out and have a great life.”

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