Today our expert guest is Larry Levine, the international best-selling author of the book Selling From The Heart and co-host of the Selling From The Heart podcast. He knows what it takes to be a successful sales professional.

Larry now coaches and inspires sales leaders and their teams to do what he did. Since 2016, Larry has coached sales professionals from across the world, from tenured reps to millennials entering the workforce. They all appreciate the practical, relevant, and street savvy nature of his coaching.

Larry spent over 28 years in the copier industry, with over 20 years at a single company, working his way up within the ranks. One day, he read the book Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni, and he couldn’t get past one: absence of trust. It was then that he knew he had to create an exit plan and move on.

Within a year at a new company, he was able to rise from the #18 employee to #2, just by being able to articulate the value he could bring to them and share a great story. He eventually left that company to set out on his own and spread his story.

The story he wanted to tell was that regardless of what you are doing, if you want to succeed, you have to become the best version of yourself. That is what became Selling From The Heart. 20 years ago, he was talking with the CFO of one of his dream accounts, and 10 minutes into their meeting the CFO called it short and made it clear he wouldn’t be purchasing from them. Larry was about to shut his book and go home, but instead he decided to turn it into a learning moment, and he let the CFO school him for 45 minutes about all the things he was doing wrong.

He knew that the lessons he learned in that moment, and the learning moments that it led to, were worth sharing with the world.

-Focus on the concerns of your client and their company, not your own needs and concerns.

-Really learn who you are. Self-reflect who you are and why you exist to become the best version of yourself.

-Be true to yourself in your interactions with others, and allow yourself to be honest and vulnerable. You can’t hide behind a facade.

-Be consistent with your growth and the actions you have to do. When you are consistent, great things happen.

-Create content that sparks conversations. Make content that is educating, engaging, and exciting people into a conversation. Be yourself in your communication.

The key to your growth is how well you create and drive more meaningful relationships. You have to be proactive to build those relationships.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“I want people to be sincere with how they open up and build relationships with people, I want them to bring substance to the table, and I want them to bring their heart to the forefront. If you can do that, I promise it will set you apart. But we have to really look inward and say ‘What is sincerity? What is substance?’ We’ve got to be kind, we’ve got to be genuine, we’ve got to be real, and we’ve got to bring the goods. That’s what people are expecting and if you can sprinkle your heart on top of this, great things will happen.”

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