Today our expert guest is Gary Sanchez, a dentist, inventor, author, or speaker who is always in search of a better way. Struggling to stand out in the crowded dental marketplace led him on his quest to learn about the power of why. Many experts talk about the need to know your why, but none helped him discover his. His obsession with why led him to discovering his own why, as well as the process for helping others help theirs.

Applying his why to his dental practice took his practice from just getting by to having abundance, and the development of the Why Institute to help other businesses have a bigger impact. They have now worked with over 40,000 individuals, as well as 500 companies, from small yoga studios to Fortune 500 companies, helping them get clear, stand out, and play big. His podcast, Beyond Your Why, has over 1.2 million listeners.

After putting so much time, energy, and effort into his practice, he wondered how this could have happened to him. It just wasn’t growing like he expected. Wandering around a bookstore, Gary noticed a book called The Answer by John Assaraf. He read through that book, and ended up hiring John as his coach.

Gary learned from John all the methods for getting his message out into the world. The only question was, what was he going to say that separates him from everyone else? He stayed quiet until he discovered Simon Sinek, and he became obsessed with finding his why. He finally figured out that his why was to find a better way, and then share it.

He took what he learned from John Assaraf and Simon Sinek and applied it all to his practice. Instead of talking about what he does, he talked about why he does it. And his practice took off.

Knowing about the concept of why is important, but where it really gets powerful is when you know about your own why. So how can you discover your own why?

During Gary’s obsessive search for his own why, he discovered that there are only 9 types of why. From finding this, he was able to build a software program to help people determine what their why is.

These are the 9 different types of why:

-Contribute to a greater cause


-Make sense

-Better Way

-Right Way





Knowing your why is essentially to understanding who you are and what you believe. And when you share your beliefs, you attract others who believe the same things you do.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“So many of life’s challenges are called challenges because they are hard to figure out until you know your why. Knowing your why is that essential and critical first step, and if you don’t have that, you’re starting at the wrong level. And when you do have that, it makes all of the rest of those decisions and choices so much easier.”

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