Today our expert guests are Stephen Klemich, leadership consultant, speaker, and CEO of Heartstyles, and Dr. Mara Klemich, a consulting psychologist with degrees in clinical psychology and neuropsychology and co-founder of Heartstyles.

Stephen has worked with teams across the globe, and is an avid mountain climber. He’s incorporated some of the lessons he’s learned from these mountains into what he’s doing with the Heartstyles program. Mara Klemich has over 10 years of clinical neuropsychological experience working with patients including neurosurgery, alcohol related brain damage, psychiatry, pain management, and trauma consulting.

Over 30 years ago, they were using personality profiles while working with people to typecast them. These were helpful, but they didn’t capture the things that really led to people making change and become more effective in whatever it was they were doing. Those changes came from their character strength: From their heart.

As they worked with these people, they started to look for a way of helping people understand their character and what drives their behavior. The process of designing this framework took them 18 years to build, as well as the language to talk about it.

In this framework, there are two ways of operating in life: confident in ourselves and secure in who we are (above the line), or not very secure and filled with anxiety (below the line). Both of these are very normal, because people can switch between operations depending on the circumstance.

When we are operating above the line, we can show humility and love and still drive results. But when we are below the line, we are driving with our ego, pride, and fear. We need to learn to recognize these behaviors so we can begin to shift our behaviors to be more above the line.

When we talk about making that shift, the goal is to strengthen our character. To do that, we need to start finding more self love and self belief within us. Most of the time we focus on our shortcomings, our wounds, instead of noticing what we are bringing to work and to life, all of our goals and aspirations.

Stephen and Mara’s book, Above the Line: Living and Leading With Heart, includes a personal development guide to aid in this understanding. With that, you can learn to take all the steps you need to push your thoughts and behaviors above the line.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Understand why we do what we do, why we behave the way we behave, based on the attitude of our heart.

“Know that all of us are capable of moving outside of our behavior patterns. When we know why we behave the way we do, we don’t have to live that way. We are all capable of making that choice.”

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