Today our expert guest is Jordan Gross, a Northwestern and Kellogg School of Management graduate, a two time startup founder, TedX speaker, and #1 best-selling author. His newest book, The Journey to Cloud Nine, provides a new approach to the personal development world by using fictional storytelling to reveal some of life’s most meaningful principles. Jordan has interviewed thought leaders and influencers all over the world regarding how they live their lives on cloud nine, and he’s happy to share that information with everyone.

Jordan was someone who was going through the motions in school. He based his decision-making on what others were doing or what they told him to do. He studied economics to become an investment banker before he realized he didn’t want to do that, and eventually was told he should get his masters degree.

After doing more self-exploration, he started hearing that you should “follow your passion.” At the time he thought his passion was in the food and restaurant industry. He got a job in a management role, and everything looked great on paper, but very quickly he realized that this was not making the impact that he wanted to make.

He quit that job, and knew he had to find something that was impact driven, that helped people, and adds value to people’s lives. This led to him writing his first book, Getting Comfy: Your Guide to Daily Happiness. In writing that book, he heard from his friends that they didn’t read his book. They didn’t like self-help books because they were too authoritative.

That’s why he wrote The Journey to Cloud Nine the way that he did: He wanted to share these fundamental concepts in a way that his friends would read. So he wrote a story, with characters, and plot, and twists, but weaved with all the principles he had learned.

While working on this book, he interviewed people all over the world to learn from their success and place different lessons in his stories. Each story is one cloud and one key concept based on what futures could have been.

Through all of this, Jordan learned that he needed to follow and accentuate his best traits and aspirations in order to succeed. He focused on all of his key characteristics to find something of value. He took those and applied them to his passion.

Finding your passion is easier said than done, though. How do you know what your passion is? Jordan does have one question you can ask yourself to help you discover it:

“If someone gave you a 30 minute impromptu assessment, and your only task was to talk about one thing for 30 minutes straight, what would that one thing be?” Start to think about what you can talk about, and why that thing is interesting to you.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Somebody once told me the definition of hell. On my last day on this earth, the person I became will meet the person who I could have become, and those two people are complete strangers. Someone also once told me the definition of heaven. On my last day on this earth, the person I became will meet the person who I could have become, and those two are identical twins.”

-Ed Mylett

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