Today our expert guest is Tra Williams, a nationally recognized expert in entrepreneurship and business strategy. He’s horrified by the widening gap between entrepreneurship and employment, and he’s made it his mission to rescue 1 million entrepreneurs from traditional employment. In “Boss Brain,” he reveals a scientifically proven system that unlocks the reader’s true potential and unleashes their entrepreneurial instincts so that they can leave traditional employment forever.

Since the 1940’s, entrepreneurship has almost entirely declined year over year. Despite the fact that around 70% of Americans would prefer to be self-employed, only 7% of Americans actually are. On top of that, workplace satisfaction is at an all-time low. Why is this happening?

In our heads, there’s a battle between instinctive optimism and our inherent need for certainty. The base of our hierarchy of needs has become relatively certain, and with that our need for certainty is conquering our genetic and hard-wired optimism.

We are all born with the instincts to become entrepreneurs, but we are taught to be employees. This is why so many people have the desire to be entrepreneurs—it’s in their blood. We just have to unlearn all the programming that taught us to be employees.

There are four instincts for being an entrepreneur:

  • Belief (which is made up of optimism, self-efficacy, and action)
  • Accountability
  • Focus
  • Creativity

One of the biggest points that gets would-be entrepreneurs hung up is taking action. Belief is reverse-engineered. It requires some evidence. Even if you don’t believe today that you could build a successful business, if you start taking micro-actions every day, you begin to build up that belief. In order to do this, you need to work on developing a growth mindset. Instead of focusing on the enormity of your goals, focus on being better tomorrow than you are today.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Comfort is the enemy of progress. The more predictable your life is, the more complacent you become and the less you take action. Unless you’re taking action today, you’re doing nothing to change your future tomorrow. If you want tomorrow, and the day after that and the week after that and the year after that to look exactly the same as today, then do as you’ve always done. The one thing that’s going to undermine your entrepreneurial spirit is to build walls around yourself and increase the level of comfort and safety that you feel.”

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