Today our expert guest is Hale Dwoskin, a New York Times bestselling author and author of “The Sedona Method.” He’s also been featured in the movie “Letting Go” and is one of the featured teachers in the book and movie phenomenon, “The Secret.” For over four decades, he’s dedicated his life to helping people eliminate their suffering and discover the truth of who they really are.

Hale had been organizing Theta seminars when he met Lester Levenson, who was attending as a guest. He seemed different from anyone else in the self-help or spiritual community; he was no longer seeking anything, he was just a living embodiment of peace and happiness. And his story was fascinating:

Levenson had been very successful, but when he was told he was going to die, he started a process of self-inquiring. He found that he could let go of all of the craziness inside of himself, and as he did that, he felt better and better, and he ended up living another 42 years. Over time, his teachings were passed on to Hale, who helps pass these lessons onto others through “The Sedona Method.”

The idea behind the Sedona Method is the realization that your feelings and thoughts are not you, and you can let them go. Most of us live as though we are our feelings or our thoughts. But when you let go of these, you realize there’s a you that’s much bigger than that, and it’s this presence of awareness at the heart of every experience. And as you’re able to let go of the thoughts and feelings that aren’t serving you, you discover that limits drop away.

How do you follow the process of letting go? These are the steps:

  • Allow yourself to think of something in your life that you’d like to change or improve: You want more money, better relationships, better health, or less tension and stress.
  • Focus on how it feels for a moment.
  • Allow that feeling and let it be here.
  • Then, as best as you can, let it go.

You may have to do this several times, and it will get easier to do every time. It is deceptively simple, but it works.

Hale is currently re-releasing his five book series “Happiness Is Free” as a single package, which helps you realize that the happiness you seek outside you is already available within you, and you can access it whenever you want.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“You are already whole, complete, and perfect as you are. Not in all the struggles, but at your core. And that can become your living experience if you are just open to letting go of all the things that you are not and letting yourself discover that truth within yourself, that you have no limits except the ones that you cling to.”

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