Today our expert guest is Dov Gordon of He helps consultants use backwards networking to reach their ideal clients consistently.Experienced consultants know that the best clients come from referrals and relationships, but conventional networking advice doesn’t work for everyone. So, Dov offers a simple and practical alternative to the unpredictable world of networking that will allow you to become an under-the-radar leader in your industry.

Many people today are being forced to create their own business right now, but they’ve never been trained in how to do that properly. If you want to get your presence known and you’re just starting out, you have to answer three simple questions in the minds of your ideal client:

  1. Why should I pay attention to this?
  2. Are you for real?
  3. Is what you recommend right for me?

The only thing that’s going to get the interest of your ideal client is solving a problem they have and don’t want, or getting a result they want and don’t have.

The key part in all of this is forging meaningful relationships. Over the years, Dov built what he calls an “alchemy network” of people who have similar values and similar audiences, and they support and promote each other. He realized that this is something anybody could do, but very few people actually were.

Building a network like this can be a very powerful alternative to the common advice of becoming a “guru” on social media, which only works for a small handful of people. By creating a network of like-minded people who all have something to add, and making it easy for those people to have conversations, you can build up your customer base and authority without having to become an internet celebrity.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Listen to your gut and then make your brain play along. If your gut says to do something and your brain is saying, ‘but, but, this could go wrong,’ and ‘that could go wrong,’ listen to your gut because your gut knows. And when it comes to business, your gut is going to lead you towards your big opportunities but they’re going to scare you. Your brain is going to come up with all sorts of reasons why you shouldn’t invest the money, you shouldn’t put in the time, why you’ve got to do other things first. Listen to your gut and then give your brain a better question. Ask your brain how you can make this work as opposed to how it could go wrong.”

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