Today our expert guest is Barry Shore, the Ambassador of Joy. He is transforming the world through joy, and in his newest book, “The Joy of Living,” he reveals 11 strategies for living in joy daily, no matter the circumstances. He’s a successful serial entrepreneur with two multi-million dollar exits and three issued patents, and after all that, he set out to build a platform to teach people to live in joy.

Over the years, he has founded the Keep Smiling Movement, which has distributed over two million “Keep Smiling” cards for free. His radio show and podcast, The Joy of Living, has been downloaded millions of times, and he’s been featured on Fox, ABC, CBS, Forbes, Jack Canfield, and Oprah Winfrey.

But let’s go back a few years, to the morning of September 17, 2004. Barry Shore was able to stand up and walk the way he had almost every day of his life before then. But by the evening, he was in the hospital paralyzed from the neck down. He spent nearly half a year in the hospital, and two more years were spent in a hospital bed in his own home. Today, he is able to walk with the help of a walking wand, but he still manages to be positive, purposeful, and pleasant.

Barry talks about the three fundamentals of life:

  • Your life has purpose
  • Making a difference
  • Uncovering the secrets and power of everyday words and terms

One of the biggest barriers in the way of feeling joy everyday is stress. It keeps you from being the best you can be. Barry offers eleven strategies to slay their stress willfully and gratefully, and one of the most powerful is also one of the most head-turning: Getting uncomfortable. Staying comfortable stops us from being able to pursue, and achieve, our dreams. So get comfortable with being uncomfortable and see your life change in so many joyful ways.

Hear Barry’s Daily Helping in the second part of our interview.

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