Today our expert guest is Barry Shore, the Ambassador of Joy, for the second part of his interview. He is transforming the world through joy, and in his newest book, “The Joy of Living,” he reveals 11 strategies for living in joy daily, no matter the circumstances. He’s a successful serial entrepreneur with two multi-million dollar exits and three issued patents, and after all that, he set out to build a platform to teach people to live in joy.

Barry talked about how one of the most powerful tools for change is the act of getting uncomfortable. Our physiology is set up to be comfortable, to remain consistent in whatever it is we’re doing. So, by getting uncomfortable, you’re forcing the brain to start making changes.

The most important speech you will ever hear is your own self-talk. You can’t help other people until you are able to help and take care of yourself first. When you understand that you are a soul experiencing life fully, teaching always love and kindness, when you begin with yourself and make yourself the best you possible, you create bridges of joy, happiness, peace, and love.

Barry Shore is on a journey to make everyone smile. He began printing Keep Smiling cards and handing them out around the world. He ended up handing out over 10,000 cards in just six months and inspiring a global movement. His goal is to have 10 million in the world by 2030.

Together, everyone achieves miracles. People around the world are influencing things for the better, contributing, getting involved, and spreading happiness.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Be an ASKHOLE and thrive. ASKHOLE stands for ‘Always Seek Kindness, Helping Others Live Exuberantly.”

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