Today our expert guest is Kim Chestney, author of “Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power.” She’s a globally-recognized innovation leader and the founder of the Intuition Lab. Her work has been featured or supported by leading-edge organizations including SXSW Interactive, Carnegie Mellon University, Comcast, and Hewlett-Packard.

Kim has been curious about intuition for as long as she can remember and predisposed to learning about it. She wanted to understand it and acknowledge that it is real. And she’s dedicated her life to learning everything she could about it.

Intuition is our connection to information beyond our conscious mind. Intuition is often misunderstood as mysticism or spirituality without any substantial grounding in reality. But now, as we’ve gained more understanding around quantum physics and the way we understand our world. Kim likes to compare old school thinking to new school thinking. Old school thinking is like Neutonian physics: it’s reasonable, based on cause and effect. Intuition is more like quantum physics, which explores the things that seem impossible and don’t really make sense — but they still happen every day.

“Radical Intuition” is meant to be a tool for people to begin developing their intuition on their own. It’s full of exercises that people can do every day to start integrating and drawing attention to their intuitive processes. The first thing that’s important in getting in touch with your intuition is learning to listen. We have to find a quiet place, focus on mindfulness, and slow down to give our intuition space to come through.

Intuition is not a new term to most people, but our interpretations of it are wildly different. Kim works to reimagine intuition in a modern understanding of the word. Where the radical part comes in is the understanding that intuition is the complementary part of our mind to intellect. When you look at it that way and see the potential that is available to us if we learn to develop that part of ourselves, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“We all have intuition. No matter where you are on the spectrum, whether you think you’re just awakening your intuition, whether you’re not sure you have intuition, or whether it’s something that you’ve been working with for years and you’re aware of  — wherever you are in your journey, your intuition, always, is waiting to take you to that step. Because we’re all sort of growing together and evolving together and there’s so much more when we align with our intuition. So, really, to remember to be true to yourself and to honor the truth within you and bring that truth out: that’s the greatest gift that you can give the world.”

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