Today our expert guest Mark Victor Hansen returns for the second part of his interview. In his new book — “You Have a Book In You” — Mark shares his personal secrets for bringing your story to life and creating the next best-seller.

In your journey to writing your book, Mark shared how you must start with a title that ignites you and outline your chapters early so that the content can begin flowing to you. But writing a book is just one part of the process. Once it’s written, people need to read it. And to get people to see it, you need to learn to market.

In interviewing the 101 best fiction and nonfiction authors, Mark asked every one of them what they did to market their books. The first step is to visualize yourself making the best-sellers list. You won’t be able to get somewhere if you can’t see yourself there first. The next step is to not accept rejection. Even with a wildly impressive business plan, Mark still faced rejection a whopping 144 times before someone said yes.

We can all be wildly more successful than we’ve ever dreamt of. And the world needs people to think bigger to solve the problems we face today! So, everyone needs to write so we can write ourselves out of this conundrum.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“I want to ask you to write a book, like I said a minute ago, to redefine yourself, to reinvent yourself, to reboot yourself, to re-energize yourself, to re-excite yourself. So your book is so well written, with such eclectic wisdom, that it ignites a lot of others and we have a pulsating wave go out that helps humanity to become absolutely, completely, one hundred percent economically and physically successful. It’s never been available before, but you and I now have the technology to do it. I’ll give you the software, the hardware — like podcasting, like documentaries — exists that all of us can do it, for the first time in humanity.”

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