Today our expert guests are Karin Hurt and David Dye, the award-winning authors of Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results – Without Losing Your Soul. They’re also the dynamic duo behind Let’s Grow Leaders, where they work with managers at every level to build the confidence and competence necessary to achieve lasting results and increased influence.


Karin and David’s partnership almost seems inevitable. They knew of each other, but hadn’t talked, for many years before attending the same book writing lab with the National Speaker’s Association.


During the lab, they realized that they were essentially writing the same book. Although they were technically business competitors, they decided to collaborate on the book and everything went really well – and then they fell in love.


The Winning Well Model


When they started collaborating, Karin’s key message was about confidence and humility and David’s was focused on results and relationships – They put that together to create the Winning Well model.


A leader’s internal values should be focused on Confidence and Humility.

  • The Confidence to know what you’re good at and bring that to the table; to stand up for what matters and speak the truth. “We say rock your role and ditch the diaper genie… that’s confidence!”
  • Humility is about focusing on knowing your vulnerabilities, knowing you’re not perfect, surrounding yourself with people who will challenge you, and admitting your mistakes.


As we look at the external world, we want to focus on Results and Relationships. Most managers tend to focus on one or the other, but you’ll get better results if you focus on both.

  • Focusing on Results means knowing what matters mosts, being clear about your Most Important Thing, and practicing accountability.
  • Focusing on Relationships means investing in your team, treating them with dignity, and collaborating. In every interaction you have with another human being, how can you both build healthy professional relationships and achieve the business results your team is there to achieve?


“When you combine internal focus on confidence and humility and focus externally on results and relationships, that’s when you start to achieve those breakthrough results that really last.” –David Dye


Giving Back with Winning Wells


Karin and David are also dedicated to giving back to the world. Their philanthropic campaign, Winning Wells, provides local villages in Southeast Asia with an ample supply of clean water.


When you work with Karin and David, a Winning Well will be built in your name, in Cambodia. You won’t just transform your leadership and results. You will also help transform the lives of people who have never had clean drinking water.


They do this because, whether you’re a frontline leader, business owner, or executive, leadership is more than just whatever product you make or service you deliver – it’s ultimately about the legacy that you’re leaving in the world.


You can learn more about Winning Wells at


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway


Pick one thing that you want to do differently. If you read Winning Well, there’s hundreds of tools in there and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. So start with one thing, invest in doing it well, and then move on to the next thing.


If even that seems difficult, go back a step further and answer this question: Where are you trying to go?


If you’re struggling in life, get super clear about where you want to go and figure out what success looks like?


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