What do a nun, a cowboy, and a racecar driver have in common?


Those are the things that today’s expert guest, Jessica Dewell, wanted to be when she grew up. She is not currently any of those things (although there’s still time!), but she’s just as non-traditional.


Jessica is a business advocate and nationally-recognized business development tactician who grows businesses by helping others develop better decision-making and problem-solving skills. With over 20 years of advising and consulting experience, including four of her own businesses, her views are both unexpected and practical.


Jessica has a unique approach to business development: she looks at businesses like a doctor looks at their patient. Using this approach, individual business problems can be seen as symptoms of a bigger issue – a disease in your business.




Even if you identify a real problem and make a plan, you’ll never solve it if you don’t make a decision and take action. Your vision is tested through your actions; you will only find more clarity after taking the first step.


So when you #ActToPLAN, you are harnessing your Power to Lead, Assess, & Navigate a profitable business.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway


“What we do and what we say models for ourselves, first, and other people, second, what is acceptable in our lives … the four steps of problem solving are the biggest takeaway that can be applied anywhere, any time.”


Four steps of problem solving:

  1. Recognize there’s a problem
  2. Collect the data
  3. Understand what the solutions are & evaluate them
  4. Make a choice


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