Today our expert guest is Rich Kylberg, a dynamic, charismatic, innovative and transformative C-level corporate marketer, communicator, and entrepreneurial CEO. He has been referred to as “the ‘ultimate change agent’ within corporate America today,” and he’s currently a Senior Vice President at Arrow Electronics.


Growing up, Rich’s mother told him that she didn’t care what he accomplished in life – the measure of him as a person, in her mind, would be what he did for others. “I’ve kind of carried that with me through my entire life, for better or for worse.”


Before working at Arrow, Rich spent nearly 20 years as an entrepreneur in the world of broadcast communication. He had a mission to use the tools of communication to make the world a better place, but eventually changes in technology ushered him out of the industry.


There aren’t a lot of people who go from entrepreneur to corporate executive, and it might even seem like working at Arrow is counter intuitive to his mission to provide solutions to the world’s problem and help other people, but the reality is that ours jobs are just platforms for what we make out of them – “They’re not inherently good or evil. They’re just platforms.”


Before Rich joined Arrow, they were a multi-billion dollar company… but they were relatively anonymous. It was his job to help make Arrow favorably stand out in the world.


He helped Arrow stand out with the B.I.G. three:


  1. Brand – What is your message? You have to figure this out first. “It wasn’t about what we do, but what we believe. We put together messaging for the corporation that articulates our belief system far more than what we specifically do.”
  2. Intranet – An internal distribution channel. Once you figure out what your message is, you have to distribute it.
  3. Global Marketing Services – The last thing you need is people and assets who can help disseminate your message. “That’s just scalability.”


By aligning all of the employees at Arrow with this message, Rich is able to facilitate a platform of innovation and change that leverages the full force of a $24 billion technology company.


“When you combine a tremendous amount of information with really smart people, you get wisdom. It doesn’t help to be really smart and it doesn’t help to just have data – you have to have both.”


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway


“Do good. Actively do good.”


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