Today our expert guest is Carey Smolensky, a dynamic businessman, event producer, entertainer, entrepreneur, and the author of Living Life with Passion and Helping Others.

Carey began his family of companies four decades ago, while in high school, and is constantly challenging himself to make a difference in the lives of others. Carey truly lives this every day, and he’s clearly role modeling that value for his children.

In 1998, on the way home from a Chicago Bulls game, Carey and his family drove through an area of the city where people less fortunate were living. From that moment, his children stepped up to help.

What started with getting some friends together to make sandwiches and collect clothing grew into an annual event: A Warmer Winter. On the third Saturday in December, volunteers “caravan into the city of Chicago seeking out the homeless population, and distribute food, clothing, basic essentials, and, just as important, HUGS!”

A Passionate Journey

Carey wrote his book, Living Life with Passion and Helping Others, because he realized that his powerful journey is of no use to anyone else – unless it’s shared. “My book is my vehicle to share my journey, share my experiences, and inspire other people to look at life in a different lens, to make ripples that go further beyond their immediate circle.”

The Passion Summit is the evolution of the book, bringing his message about living life with passion and helping others to life in a two-day experience. Carey is drawing on his decades of experience creating events to design an experience unlike anything else he’s ever done.

In addition to motivating and inspiring the people who attend, Carey aims to create a global community of like-minded people who want to support each other and give back as a tribe. As a result, summit participants will be able to join an annual Giving Back Trip. This year, they will travel to Puerto Rico to assist in reconstruction efforts.

Care is also generous enough to offer Daily Helping listeners a $350 discount on tickets to the conference by using the code DAILYHELPING when you register.

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The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“Whatever you want to do in life, do it now. 50% of people live their lives thinking they’re too young to do something. The other 50% think they’re too old to do something. What ends up happening is they live their lives in quiet desperation, and at the end of the day, the one thing you don’t want to have is regret… It’s not a question of not having time to do it. It’s a question of not making time to do it.”

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