Today our expert guest is David Osborn, co-owner of one of the top real estate brokerages in the world and the author of the New York Times best seller Wealth Can’t Wait: Avoid the 7 Wealth Traps, Implement the 7 Business Pillars, and Complete a Life Audit Today!


David is also on a mission to give away over $100 million to charity in his lifetime – Wow! Most people would probably consider that an impossible goal, but David has a powerful and purposeful mindset that allows him to overcome limiting thoughts. (If you want to work with David to change lives for the better, reach out to him at


But how did David develop this mindset?


David spent most of his formative years bouncing around Europe, followed by an adventurous youth hitchhiking around the world, visiting over 70 countries. He came back to the U.S. 26 and broke, but that experience showed him that there were other ways of being and other ways of thinking that we don’t often discuss in the U.S.


As a result, he didn’t receive a cultural imprint about what was possible or what life should look like.


“What we perceive in the world is really something we can change – and as you change your perceptions, you change your results.”


Wealth Can’t Wait


One of the big mindset shifts for David was when he fell in love with learning – and this definitely changed his results. In school, learning was prescribed. However, in business, learning had tangible, positive impacts.


Over the years, David built an empire on the wisdom he accrued. And when his father passed away, it was a wake-up call: he had to pass that wisdom on if he wanted to leave an impactful legacy.


So David started working on his book, Wealth Can’t Wait. “I felt like I had built a pretty solid foundation on how to succeed in life and how to succeed, economically, in business, and I wanted to transfer that to a book and leave it behind for my kids.”


It all starts with a BIG choice: you have to choose to be wealthy.


“You don’t get to be a victim. You don’t get to complain. If it’s truly you building a business, it doesn’t matter how many good excuses you have – the only thing that will change the outcome is action.”


After you have the right mindset, you have to establish the right habits and use the right business models to, ultimately, create momentum.




For people who want to take things to the next level, and for his own personal development, David created GoBundance. They’re men who get together and hold each other accountable to their visions.


GoBundance is built on six pillars:


  1. Genuine contribution
  2. Age-defying health
  3. Authentic relationships
  4. Extreme accountability
  5. Financial freedom
  6. Bucket list adventures


You can join the community at


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway


“Be purposeful! I found my salvation. I was a rebel without a clue, a lost kid doing things I shouldn’t do, things I wish I hadn’t done in hindset – and what saved me from that was being purposeful.”


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