Today our expert guest is Damion Lupo, whose mission is to free one million people from financial bondage through his Financial Freedom Blueprint, his books, and Transformation Nation podcast.


But before Damion found his mission, he built up a sizeable fortune in the real estate market… and lost it all. “I didn’t know who the heck I was because, for 10 years, my self-worth and net worth were the same thing.”


So when Damion’s net worth became negative $5 million, he was driven to teach; to step up and do something more important than just consuming.


When Being a billionaire used to mean having a billions dollars in the bank – “but today, the way I look at being a billionaire is a billion people impacted.”


After Damion made that dramatic shift, he wrote the book Reinvented Life to share the stories of transformation and offer others a roadmap of sorts to their truth.

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway


“Be incredibly careful – probably the most important thing is the influencers that you have around you: people like us talking, who you are hearing, and the people who are around you.


“I’m conscious about the impact of the people who are around and I always have somebody that’s really close who is giving me feedback on the truth and am making sure that the people who are around me… have the values that I want, that are important to me. Because if they have something that I don’t like, the wrong values or the wrong kind of person, I’m going to become that.”



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