Today our expert guest is Joe Sanok, a TEDx speaker, the host of Practice of The Practice, and a private practice owner.


He helps healthcare professionals start, grow, and scale their practices by increasing income, influence, and impact on the world. And one way Joe accomplishes this is through Slow Down School, a conference for high-achieving therapists who want to slow down, skip stones on the beach, and work on their businesses.


In the same year that Joe launched his blog and podcast, his family experienced numerous medical emergencies that forced him to reflect on a simple question: What is the best use of my time? Is being a therapist really the best use of my time?


Joe chose to delegate the things that weren’t the best use of his time – like bringing in group practitioners to help run Mental Wellness Counseling or hiring someone to create the art for his podcast – and start focusing on the things that only he could do.


And Joe is able to help a lot more people by focusing his efforts on the practitioners themselves, as opposed to patients. Joe is really good at building up and marketing businesses online, and frankly that’s a weak point for many private practice owners (and, really, business owners in general).


By teaching others how to build their authority and find an audience online, Joe has a larger impact on the world than he ever could have by solely focusing on patient care.


The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway


“When you say no to one thing, you say yes to something else… So I think setting more boundaries around what you choose to do gives you so much freedom and happiness.”



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